Etsy All the Livelong Day


I’ve been working on various things on Etsy. My shop, promoting items, helping with teamwork, posting to the forums, etc. It really does take a significant amount of time to do this. Team Busy Bees continues to grow.  I have taken time to work on projects, though not any major production at the moment. I have my list of TODO, dark faerie, Jackie, etc. I’ve been working on an experiment of felted Matroyska dolls! Imagine my surprise when I found that it’s already been done! I hated finding that out, but the experiment continues, and I will see it through. If only so I can give them to my sister for her birthday or Christmas.

I joined some Missouri and St. Louis-based teams on Etsy. I want to give them a shot, see what happens. That makes 45 teams i’m on and that’s a bit much. Whenever I think I’m going to quit a few teams I find that I don’t really want to give up on them yet, even though they are dead as nails. Or so it seems to me.

Yesterday I ordered some more wool from the usual supplier that I favor. Great wool, great price, very fast shipping. They were out of merino. I did ask if I could pre-order merino from them but got no reply. I even called them on the phone. I don’t mind that they didn’t call back because I’m not ready to pre-order now anyway.



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