Winter Is Coming

winteriscomingsnowladyMaking snowmen, lots of snowmen! And a snow-lady. A Penguin is in the works. These will be ready to post in the fall/winter. I’m totally wanting small boxes that I can re-purpose, or even make my own boxes. I posted in one Etsy trading team that I need cigar boxes, but I’m not sure how many Etsians would be willing to part with cigar boxes! they are so handy to have! I want to redo them with paper and Modge Podge. I have made one steamer trunk (I will add a picture of this  one of these days) that can hold doll clothes for one of the dolls. If I ever sell one, either the Romani doll or the one with a Kimono, the steamer trunk will hold extra clothing.

So, I haven’t added much to my shop lately – between making the winter/Christmas ornaments and the Etsy seminars, I’ve not had time to do more for my shop. The Etsy Seminar is very interesting, and something I very much need. We’re rewriting our about page, and assessing our shop – to see what could be better. Well, I already know that everything in my shop needs to be better. In fact I don’t have a bio or a banner! I never get the white-white background in my photos, either. I made the lightbox but it’s not light enough. I think I need to buy those true-light light bulbs. They’re rather expensive, and with the current state of my finances I’m not going to get them anytime soon.



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