Winter is Coming!

And with winter will come Christmas. Never mind Halloween, I’m getting ready for Christmas – Ho Ho Ho.P1030631
I have “made” a few boxes lately for shipping dolls and critters. Mostly I have been covering boxes, a cigar box and others, with fabric or wrapping paper, modge-podging them. Nice things should come in nice boxes. I don’t have nearly enough boxes for all I make! And Santa, here, will need a bigger box than most of my dolls. He’s 9 inches tall. I must mod a shoe-box for him.
I made a template for a small, 2 inch square box, a lining for the box, and an outer layer to wrap it decoratively. I made a test one out of heavy card stock, used newsprint for the inner layer, and Christmas wrapping paper for the outer layer. I have been slowly adding thin layers of modge-podge for a couple of days, and it is becoming rather sturdy. A lot of work for a tiny little box. I do wonder if they still sell that old type of poster board as that material would be awesome for boxes, and bigger than card stock.
Also some beads out of polymer clay.
I do love Taltybit’s videos on YouTube, and Sarafina, and SugarCharms. They have awesome tutorials. I learned how to use soft pastels on clay from Taltybit and SugarCharms. Sarafina does awesome tutorials on armatures. More on that another day.


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