The Love of Sock Monkeys

What is it about sock monkeys that are so darn cute! I’ve been working on them more these days. P1040609
I didn’t know it when I started, but there are a lot of people who are just loving the sock monkey! Sock Monkeys really are fun to work with. Sock Monkeys seem to have personality plus. NeedleFeltSockMonkeysMotherAndBaby
I’ve also been working on handmade (cardboard) boxes, as you can see in the photos, for my needle felted items. I don’t have boxes for all of them, but it’s a plan. I ordered a lot of designer papers so I could make lots of boxes. They were K&Company papers, so I didn’t actually know beforehand what the papers would look like, just a few of the papers are revealed when ordering them. I have mixed feelings about some of the designs, but I have the 360 sheet “best of” collection, Engraved Garden, and Jubilee. My favorite is Jubilee, and half of the “best of” papers. The papers are heavier than the wrapping papers I had been using, and take a bit of getting used to. Thinner papers can be turned around corners with ease, while the heavier designer papers sometimes “break” and show a layer of white underneath the surface, when they will turn the corner at all.

I will continue my love affair with sock monkeys for now. I also want to make a few more bunnies and blue birds! It’s almost Springtime!


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